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There are many reasons to volunteer for a good cause. Are you firmly convinced that your place is at our side to implement projects that have a sustainable impact on communities? Then try volunteering in Togo. We are waiting for you!

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Fly for Life members

If you have time to give and want to contribute, we will be delighted to welcome you on our team.
Your time and skills are precious to us.

At Fly for Life, volunteering can take a variety of forms, from administrative work to organizing an awareness event and providing school materials for children. In any case, it offers the opportunity to develop skills and make new friends. One week or all year, at any age and any place, volunteering at Fly for life is any time .

We need you, so do not wait and join a dynamic and committed team!

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What is important is that you understand all aspects of volunteering and actively participate in the program. Indeed, being a volunteer on a program for which you are not ready will not benefit anyone, neither you, nor Fly for life.Once the project is selected and the form sent, we will work with you for effective volunteering.
The minimum age (18) is required for our volunteer programs.

Our programs are the following:

1- Sustainable tourism
It is a partnership with some communities in Togo for local development based on the promotion of sustainable tourism. We are currently working with 3 different communities across Togo and we offer sustainable tourism tours: Havu, Badou and Nok.
The volunteer will mainly help develop sustainable tourism projects and work with local communities on organizational strengthening and environmental protection actions and community values ​​specific to each area.
2- Financial Literacy
The lack of financial management is one of the causes of poverty. With the support of our partner Finmango, we started in 2016 a financial literacy program in schools and communities across Togo.
The volunteer will work on financial management literacy sessions with children, women and farmers. Training focuses on financial capability, human capacity and security capacity.

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3-Development of organic farming
Through this program Fly for life promotes organic farming that is healthy, environmentally friendly and profitable. Regular trainings are given to the farmers on the practice of organic agriculture, but also on the managementof farming in general.
It will be for the volunteer to help on training on organic agriculture and agricultural engineering with practical field monitoring whether it is in cashcrops (coffee, cocoa …) or food. The goal is also to develop the knowledge of volunteers and the population on agriculture and organic food, and fairtrade; develop skills related to agricultural work and environmental protection.

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4- Women empowerment
The majority of gender-focused development projects are limited to promoting a more equitable relationship between men and women and easing physical constraints in their household tasks. However, what roles do they really play in the decision-making process from the family unit to the local level? Fly for life finds it more relevant in addition to physical achievements, to work towards women empowerment by taking into account strategic interests to give them a chance to decide their future . This can only be done through women empowerment.
The volunteer’s mission will be to assist in the design and dissemination of the different modules of the women empowerment program and its adaptation in the rural environment in the communities with which Fly for life works.

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5-Supports the education of children
Investing in a child’s education today is enabling or working for a better world tomorrow. That’s why at Fly for Life we ​​really care about children’s education. For 4 years we have been supporting the education of children through donations to schools in rural areas, donations of school supplies to needy children and also by offering schools in need of volunteer teachers. Fly for life also supports some or all of the tuition fees of some children.
The goal is to help fundraising and donation campaigns for children’seducation; to provide teaching missions in localities lacking teaching staff.

If you would like to donate to any of our programs, you can do it here.

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Program Participation Fees

Due to our limited resources we are not able yet to fund our projects and volunteers completely. We therefore ask volunteers’ contribution during their different projects .The fees include food during the program, accommodation, volunteer t-shirt, transport, guide, certificate and logistic costs related to the program. It doesn’t include flights from your country to Togo and other personal costs like souvenirs. We have to inform you that you only pay 10% of the fee beforehand, the rest is paid the day you arrive.

Time/People1 person2 people3 people
1 week100 EUR150 EUR200 EUR
2 weeks180 EUR220 EUR270 EUR
1 month350 EUR500 EUR550 EUR
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You are interested, what do you do?

If you don’t have any questions, you can just make your volunteering official by paying the 10% fee using the payment method above. We would contact you right after the payment so you can give us your details and dates. If you do, just contact us and we will send you all the information related to your trip to Togo, even more information if you think you need it.

What about the visa?

The visa for Togo can be obtained at the airport or any togolese border for just 23USD. You can also get it at the nearest togolese embassy.

Do the fees include visa and flight ticket?

We are sorry but we cannot include them.

Do i get picked at airport at my arrival?

Yes, of course. At your arrival you will see your Fly for life guide waiting for you at the airport.

Is there a problem if I only speak English?

Not at all, even though Togo is a french country, the first international language is english so usually many people try to speak English and this means you can have a conversation with many people. You will also have your guide with you, so no worries.

Looking forward to your volunteering experience? We are waiting for you!

Thank you and see you soon.

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