So i decided to start with my own travel story.

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My name is Nofi and i am the founder of Ideygo. I am a nigerian traveller who has a dream: Travelling to all 197 states in the world. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. And me showing my trips to you will prove it is possible for you to go anywhere. I don’t plan on giving up so why should you?

I noticed my life changed a lot once i started travelling solo, i was meeting friends i would have never met otherwise, i was feeling better, i was looking better, i was happier, the days were all good days, i became better and people noticed.


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New friends in Liechtenstein
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Loveliest family in Kaolack (Senegal)
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With Ibrahim and Imran in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

This is why i want to encourage other africans to do the same. No matter what reason pushes you to travel, i believe you should follow it. If you really want something, you should go for it. Life is too short to live a life you don’t want.

Since i started travelling, i noticed africans don’t really travel as much because there is no travel culture in Africa. Nobody encourages you to travel, especially for leisure. Africans travel for business, studies or to visit relatives, nothing else. This is fine, but i also want the africans who want to travel for fun to have the chance to do it without losing all their money.

I decided to create this website after years of travelling and watching people. I noticed that people would really like to travel but they feel like they can’t. I am here to show people the path they can follow to achieve their travelling goals.

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Many people think travelling costs a lot of money and this is one of the reasons i hear the most. Other reasons are:

  • ‘I don’t have time’
  • ‘I want to go somewhere but i need a visa for the country i like’
  • ‘I have no travel experience’
  • ‘I do not speak the language they speak’
  • ‘I will feel lost’
  • ‘I have no one to go with me’
  • ‘My parents do not like it’
  • ‘I am a girl, it’s not safe’
  • ‘I have bills to pay’
  • ‘I have children’
  • ‘I am always tired, after work, i just want to rest’

I understand everyone has their life and perspective but if you really want to travel, you can. I believe most people can travel, no matter what their situation is. You may ask : How?

This is why this blog was created, to tell you and show you how.

I am a traveller myself. I have been to 53 countries so far and i am just 23 years old. It sounds crazy to some people but it is doable. I did it, so why can’t you?

I have been to places where nobody spoke english and still found a way to have a good time and enjoy the city. It is not impossible.

I have also travelled with a very low budget and still succeeded.

What i want to acheive with this website is to allow african citizens to travel as much as they want to by adjusting their lifestyle to their travel goals. Basically, i want africans to tell me what they want and i will do my best to provide a solution taking in count their budget and requirements.

We offer flights, hotels and african tour bookings without asking our customers for commission. You will pay the price the airline asks for, nothing more, nothing less. We also offer student or tourist visa processing for a commission. The commission depends on what kind of visa you ask for and the difficulty.

So, please,whatever place or reason makes you travel, please let us know, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

If you have any questions, use our Contact Form or send us an email. We are always available for everyone.

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