Segun decided to share his trip throughout West Africa with ideygo. This story is about Togo.

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I visited Lomé the capital of Togo en-route Ivory coast. I crossed the Benin-Togo border at about 2pm, 28th December 2016. The Frontier customs and Immigration officers were friendly, with your vaccination card and international passport, you only need to part ways with 500CFA, cheap! It is now more expensive, around 8000CFA.

Togo is a small country, in fact one of the smallest in Africa. Lomé shared a lot of similarities with Cotonou its neighbour, since Togo is between Benin republic and Ghana, it is a traveller’s route, a lot of travellers and traders can be seen sojourning to various destinations.

Lomé is beautiful, I must confess, others say Dakar is more beautiful, that I shall confirm when I visit.

Imagine a capital city and a beach separated by a highway, then you’re imagining Lomé, the Capital of Togo. Togo used to be in a state of unrest due to military coup detats, but for about a decade now, things have returned to normalcy.

There are exotic hotels in the capital, they’ve got a “Palais des Congress” (event center) also and beautiful spots. The nice beaches spanning a long distance as you tour the city is a sight to behold.

I fell in Love with Togo at first sight (me too), as a typical francophone country, attention is paid to food, they’ve got a lot of delicacies which I couldn’t resist.

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There exist street food in some places while restaurants of different classes abound. I was hosted by a friend ‘Jacque’ in a municipal/city called ‘Agbanlepedogan’, a semi-urban neighbourhood with people minding their businesses.

with my host in Lome - TS: A nigerian in Togo
                     With my host in Lomé

One thing I observed about the transport system in Lomé is that there are less motorcycles as compared to Cotonou (Benin Republic) and the motorcycles used for commercial purposes are of higher power ratings about 120CC, they’ve also got clean roads too, with less cars on the road.

It can be said that the cost of living (as a traveller) in Lomé is higher compared to Cotonou, that I can’t fathom.

@Universite Lome - TS: A nigerian in Togo
             At the university with Serge

I visited their premier University, ‘Université du Lomé’ with my friend ‘Serge’, it’s a small size University with few gigantic buildings, trees and green vegetation almost everywhere.

The Ankara fabric acceptance also exists in Lomé, women can be seen dressed in traditional clothing made of Ankara, same with adults and youths donning the fabrics in different styles.

I relaxed in a neighbourhood called ‘Freetown’ it’s a hood that never sleeps, party and fun round the clock. I sat watching several performance of local musicians all through the night while I appreciate the beauty Mother Africa has bestowed on us.

a landmark in Lome - TS: A nigerian in Togo
                           Lomé at night

Togo is rich in culture and tradition just like every other African setting, I was able to see a few because I toured the capital city on a bike in a night, just for sightseeing, am sure there exist a lot of other touristic places I never mentioned or visited, but trust me Togo is a paradise!

Thanks to Oluwasegun Akinniyi for sharing his travel story with us. I definitely agree with the idea that Togo is a paradise. It is one of those countries that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

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