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Belinda, a beninese citizen, shared her travel experience in Nigeria with us.

My name is Belinda AGBOÏGBA. I am a beninese and went to Nigeria in 2015 through an exchange programme.

downlojjad.jpeg - TS: A beninese in Nigeria
Benin’s location in Africa

I must confess that I was a bit afraid when I had to go to Nigeria because of three things I often heard about:
Broken english, corruption and Boko Haram (terrorist organization).

Nigerian terrorists
Boko Haram

The language barrier (we speak french in Benin) and the long time at the border before entering the country increased my worries. But once in Nigeria, I experienced a surprising disillusionment.

Firstly, Lagos’ wide and long roads, traffic jams and people hurrying themselves impressed me.

Then, in Osun State, I met dynamic and entrepreneurial people. They were friendly and as disciplined as english speakers. But what amazed me more were those fantastic places I visited and great events I attended.

Nigerian waterfall
Erin-Ijesa Waterfall
African waterfall
The waterfall

I could reckon: Erin-Ijesa waterfall, Osun State Ministry of Culture, Osun Osogbo festival,

Osun osogbo festival
Osun Osogbo Festival
OAU campus1 - TS: A beninese in Nigeria
Obafemi Awolowo University (AWU)

The Great Obafemi Awolowo University,

Nigerian zoo
The zoo

Obafemi Awolowo’s zoo, music and many other nice places.

Nigerian trip

Nigerian travel

AWU nigeria

At last, since some ethnicities like yoruba, haoussa and fulbeh are in both countries (Benin Republic and Nigeria), I had no problem with the local food except the fact that nigerian food was too spicy!

I am so keen on Nigeria’s music and I sometimes miss Akara food (bean cake)!!

Nigerian food

Friends and the area’s peaceful landscapes are things I miss too. I am even ready to go back to Nigeria if I get that chance for I love the country.

Believe me, my opinions about Nigeria have totally changed, thanks to that cultural exchange trip. I don’t hesitate to correct people around me whenever they say wrong things about Nigeria for it’s a good place to visit and even to live in!

Thanks a lot Belinda Agboïgba for sharing your story with us and showing people that Nigeria is more than Boko Haram. We and the ideygo community appreciate it.

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9 thoughts to “TS: A beninese in Nigeria

  • Oluwasegun Timothy Akinniyi

    Glad to know you had a nice experience in Nigeria buddy, so glad!

    • Bélinda AGBOÏGBA


      • Nofi

        THANK YOU!!

  • Romain S. ADJOVI

    That’s nice. I do like it. I honestly recognize I’m wrong when I thought Nigeria is a dangerous country for strangers to go and visit or to live in. If a Beninese happened to testify for its good ambiance then I can conclude it worths to go some days to visit it.

  • Francesca Gomez

    I have just discovered a part of Nigeria from your experience. And believe me, you have just changed my mind about this Nice country too. Thank you Miss Bélinda Agboïgba

  • Fadaka Tomilola

    Wow!!! It’s really interesting and impressive that you enjoyed your tour to Nigeria, I’m glad Nigeria still has something unique to offer a foreigner.

  • Fadaka Tomilola

    Wow!!! It’s interesting and impressive that you enjoyed your tour to Nigeria, I’m glad Nigeria still has something unique to offer a foreigner.

  • Favour

    Woah congratulation my dear Belinda. That give me a desir to go in Nigeria

    • Nofi

      Please do, we would love it if you visited and shared your story.


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