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Sometimes, people buy tickets for themselves and when it comes to writing their names, they choose not to include their middle name or their second last name. They then find out that the name on the ticket should be the same name you have on your passport. The question today is: can i fly if the name on my ticket is different from the name on my passport?

You shouldn’t. First of all, most airlines will make it clear while you buy the ticket that your name has to be EXACTLY like in your passport. You should avoid written just your first name and your last name. The best option is to write EVERYTHING.

Do airlines check?

They will always check your name but they will let you fly sometimes. It really depends on the airline and the person. Some airlines will allow you to fly as long as your first and last name are correct but some won’t and you won’t be able to talk them out of it. To avoid headache, write your name just the way your passport shows.

checkinlagos - Can i fly if the name on the ticket is different from passport name?
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Can i get away with it?

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Do not take the risk, it is not worth it.

What can i do when buying a ticket to avoid this problem?

Let’s say the name on your passport is Oluwasegun Ayomide Okoye. When buying a ticket, do not write Segun Okoye or Oluwasegun Okoye. Write Oluwasegun Ayomide Okoye. Just because your middle name is not that important does not mean you will get away with it. Still, Oluwasegun Okoye has more chances of getting away with it than Segun Okoye.

It is important to remember that not everyone will know or care about what people call you. What matters is what the passport says so, let’s stick to that.

I messed up, the name is not exactly the same, what can i do?

There are two options:

  1. Call the airline or your travel agent and ask them for a name change. It will cost you money 90% of the time but it is better than losing your ticket and money.
  2. Cancel the ticket, get a refund and buy a new ticket with the correct name. When you cancel a ticket you won’t get a full-refund, you will get between 60-80% of your money back but it is still better. Some airlines do have a 24-hour grace period which allows you to cancel your ticket without penalty. This means you get a full refund if you cancel the ticket in 24 hours.

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