TS: A nigerian in Togo

Segun decided to share his trip throughout West Africa with ideygo. This story is about Togo. I visited Lomé the capital of Togo en-route Ivory coast. I crossed the Benin-Togo border at about 2pm, 28th December 2016. The Frontier customs and Immigration officers were friendly, with your vaccination card and international passport, you only need […]

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TS: Mercy’s local trip in Nigeria

This next travel story is from a fellow nigerian called Mercy. Mercy has to travel to another nigerian state for her NYSC and she shares her experience with us. I had just graduated from the Nigerian Law School and the next step was to enroll for the National Youth Service Corps (National service). To be […]

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African Travel Tip #2: English is not enough
1 0R9zMaXxxXbdUjEsnFglTw 600x500 - African Travel Tip #2: English is not enough

While most airports have an english translation everywhere, once you leave the airport it is a different story. It is sad to say this but: English is not enough. If you travel Africa, you must know that even though some countries speak english, many of them do not. Unless you only travel to english speaking […]

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5 days Marangu Route – Tanzania

The first highest single free standing mountain in the world,that means not depending other mountain range like other mountain such as Himalaya,having 5895m above see level also having difference vegetation zone some with beautiful birds and animals while climbing.It found at equator but still has a snow capped,Located in East Africa particularly Tanzania. Duration of […]

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Fly for Life Fundraising
f4l logo - Fly for Life Fundraising

If you would like to donate to any of Fly for Life’s programs, you can do it clicking down below. The donations will go straight to the community and program you choose. If you would like to send us some special message, we are open to any request. We thank all of you for donating, […]

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10 tips for new travellers
african american traveler 750x500 - 10 tips for new travellers

I have travelled a lot and i still do not consider myself an experienced traveller. I always find out about something new that i believe i should share with people. In this post, i will tell you my 10 tips for new travellers that i wish i knew when i started travelling. I noticed some […]

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44 countries for nigerians
nigerian passport 750x466 - 44 countries for nigerians

If you asked the average nigerian how many visa free countries they can go to, they would probably not be sure about it. Well, we’re here to give you good news. Nigerian citizens can visit up to 44 COUNTRIES without a visa or with little paperwork involved. You now have one less thing to think […]

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TS: Kume in Tanzania

I am Kume, a nigerian. In 2015 I took a trip to Tanzania, for a volunteer experience. I had next to no expectations, I just wanted to have an experience. Right from the airport, I was greeted with probably the friendliest people I’ve encountered. They all seemed happy I was visiting. It was 3:25am, and […]

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Nofi’s Story

So i decided to start with my own travel story. My name is Nofi and i am the founder of Ideygo. I am a nigerian traveller who has a dream: Travelling to all 197 states in the world. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. And me showing my trips to you will prove it […]

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