One of the mistakes people make when buying a ticket online is this. When they’re asked what’s their title, they made a mistake and chose Mr. instead of Mrs./Ms. or Mrs./Ms. instead of Mr., and they wonder if that will be a problem once the departure date comes. They wonder: is this gonna be a problem? Will i be able to fly?

WhatsApp Image 2019 06 11 at 07.28.50 - I chose Mr. instead of Mrs./Ms. when i was buying a ticket, can i fly?
Example of passenger titles

The answer is yes, you will fly. Although making sure everything on your ticket is correct has always been my advice, this is one of the cases where people can easily get away with it as airlines don’t really check that much or care about it.

As long as your name, passport number and visa are correct, you’re good to go.

This does not mean you should be careless about this detail. It means that if you make a mistake, you should not worry calling your travel agent or your airline to fix it because you think you will not fly. Even when the airline tells you they won’t let you fly for that little detail, it is likely they will. It is a detail that is not important for someone to fly even though it should be.

So, worry not. You will not have any issues. This also goes for other titles like Dr., etc.

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