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Many people would like to know how a 24 year old nigerian girl in Madrid (Spain) can work and still travel this much.

My first trip out of Spain was when i was about 16 years old. My first country was Austria, and the second was Slovakia. 8 years later, i have visited over 50 countries.

Every time i tell people i have visited over 50 countries, they are shocked and ask how and why. Well, today, i will explain the ”how”. I will leave the ”why” for another day.


  • I use my travel experience to book cheap flights whenever i am available. Google Flights and Kayak/Momondo are the best for me. Skyscanner used to be great but i barely use it now. Especially Google, because you can see the price on each day. Using this, i was able to buy a one way ticket to Sofia (Bulgaria) from Madrid, for just 28 euros with Wizzair (a hungarian airline).
  • Flexible dates. I usually have the time to travel whenever i want so i don’t to have to buy a more expensive ticket just because my holidays are not flexible. It is important for me to have a flexible job that allows me to travel. It makes a huge difference on the price of a ticket.
  • I travel by land. One of the best decisions i ever made was to travel using buses or cars or trains and not planes. Flying is, most of the times, way more expensive than travelling by car/bus/train. There’s an exception: european flights. In Europe, you can fly for 2 euros with airlines like Ryanair, so in this case, going by land would be more expensive. But in other parts of the world, it is not like that.
  • I sell all the stuff i don’t want or use anymore and that takes up space. I sold my books, my ps3 and games, my snapbacks, etc. I try to be a minimalist. If you don’t know what minimalists are, i can tell you they are people who refuse to buy just for the sake of buying. We only buy what we need and we get rid of what we don’t need. This helps save a lot of money for travel.
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Minimalist bedroom. Source: Best Design Ideas
  • I don’t use the little money i have to buy nonsense i don’t need and that takes up space. I don’t like things, i like experiences, so i would rather bungee jump than buy a new dress, a camera, a new phone, etc.


  • I don’t buy clothes anymore (i have more than enough).
  • I don’t buy books (i go to the library to feed my knowledge need and get 3 books at a time, there is always something interesting to read so i could do this forever). There is an exception to this, i buy ebooks if i really want the book and it is not in the library.
  • I don’t try to look rich for other people. That costs money. Buying things you cannot afford to have people jealous of you will reduce your chances of travel.
  • I don’t party. I don’t see the fun in it.
  • I don’t eat out frequently. I don’t feel the need to eat out so i eat out maybe once a month. I cook for myself. If i don’t know how to cook something, i try to learn how to prepare it or go eat out once in a while but i never make eating out part of my routine.
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Nigerian jollof rice. Source: IngredientMatcher
  • I don’t have any expensive passions apart from travelling, learning and eating. I am not a fan of clothes, shoes, designer bags, jewelry, videogames, gold watches, etc. Most of the things i like are either free or cheap, and that allows me to have more money to travel.
  • I don’t own a car/children/house/pet so i don’t pay anything related to a car/house/pet. If you think about it, most of your salary will be spent on either your rent/mortgage, bills, utilities, children/pet or your car. If you don’t have that, you have a lot of money left for you to have fun…or travel. What i mean is, when you don’t have that much responsibility, it is easier for you to travel. When you don’t have the pressure of having bills to pay or a mortgage, it is easier to think about travel. Obviously, if you already have a mortgage and/or children, there is no going back but if you don’t have them, consider your priorities.
  • I don’t drink, i don’t smoke and i don’t do drugs. So, i don’t spend money on beer, weed, cigarettes, wine, meth, etc. Travel is easier and healthier when you don’t have an addiction or a need to be drunk or high to have fun. The best drug i have ever had was laughter, and it is still the best. If laughing doesn’t cure your problems, try a nap. Those two solve my problems 90% of the time.
  • I avoid going shopping without a purpose. Especially with people who love spending. I know it sounds cliché but you are or you will be like the people you hang around with, so if you always hang around spenders, you will become a spender. If you go shopping, you need to know what you want. Go get it and leave. Don’t wander. If they don’t have it, just leave. You, obviously, save more money doing this.

Well, i think this is enough food for thought. This is the end of part I. Part II will contain tips to save money while traveling. Let me know in the comments what are the things (on the list) you are already doing right now and which ones you would like to try in the near future.

Finally, if you have any questions you would like to ask, you can use the comment section to ask or send a private message.

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