In this post, i will answer some of the questions i hear the most about Africa. These are the frequently asked questions and i will reply to them as clear as possible.

Can i bring more carry-on than i am allowed to bring?

No, you cannot bring more or anything bigger than your ticket allows. It is true that many airlines will only look at your checked-in bags but you should not play with your luck. If the airline wanted, they can refuse you boarding or charge you for an oversized bag. If you are flying internationally in Africa, you will probably have 2 checked-in bags included and one carry-on bag plus a personal item like a purse.

Do duty-free purchases count as hand-luggage?

No, they don’t. If they did, nobody would buy anything and they would lose money so of course, duty-free bags do not count as hand-luggage.

Do i need to travel with my yellow card?

Yes, ALWAYS do. You never know when you will be asked for it. They usually ask for it if you travel african countries by land but if you fly, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It depends. But bring it, anyway. Remember that if they ask for it and you don’t have it, you cannot enter their country.

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Yellow card from Nigeria. Source: Nairaland.

I have a tourist visa, can i travel with a one-way ticket?

You could but it is not advisable. First of all, as a tourist visa is for tourists/visitors, it would not make sense for someone to buy a one-way ticket unless they will leave the country by land or boat. It depends on the country but sometimes you will have to prove you have a flight out of the country. If you say you will leave by land, make sure you don’t need a visa for the next country or that you have the visa so the immigration officer can believe you. Still, i recommend not buying a one-way ticket because some airlines will not let you board unless you have a return ticket, it could be a requirement for the visa to be valid or to visit the country.

I want to travel Africa, what african countries give visas easily with no headache?

In my opinion, Ethiopia is the easiest. They are fast, not very expensive and don’t ask for unicorn hair as a requirement. I recommend them 100%, and the country is amazing also. I really think Ethiopia is the nicest african country when it comes to visas, they allow visa on arrival or evisa for most people and they act fast. Ethiopia is the real MAMA AFRICA. Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya are more or less easy but not as great as Ethiopia. I would definitely not recommend Zambia or Zimbabwe. Zambia asks african tourists for things that do not make sense to me like a host’s adress and proof they can take care of you. Zimbabwe is easy but it is impossible to pay for the visa, most cards don’t work so it is a waste of time. Seems like Zimbabwe hates money.

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Ethiopian flag. Source: Duolingo

Should i ask for a UK/US student visa as an african?

No, unless you have at least 20K USD to throw away every year. You need a lot of money to study there. Something africans also need to understand is that a student visa is a STUDENT visa, not a work visa. Once you finish your degree, you have to go back to your country, you cannot work there or live there. So if you have enough money and have no intention of living in the UK/US, definitely go for it. Tourist visas to go there may also be a problem.

Can nigerians go to Cambodia with an evisa?

No, they cannot. Wikipedia lied again.

Can nigerians go to Russia as tourists?

Well, not really. Nigerians are not allowed to ask for tourist visas so even if you found a company that gave you an invitation letter, it will be useless. You need to apply for a private visa. A private visa is a visa to visit a friend or a relative in Russia. Basically, ask a russian to send you an invitation letter or your russian family member.

Okay, this is all for now. If you have more questions you would like me to include, let me know in the comments and i will include them. Any personal, questions? Click here.

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