How do i do it? PART II
travel tips

I have been to over 50 countries so far and  a question i get a lot is: HOW DO YOU DO IT? HOW DO YOU TRAVEL SO MUCH? Well, let me tell you a couple more of my secrets. There are lots and lots of tips online and it depends on what type of person […]

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What tourist visas can i apply for through ideygo?
east africa visa

Many of you have asked us what tourist visas can you apply for through ideygo. Well, right now we process tourist visas for the next countries: United Arab Emirates Zimbabwe Zambia Ethiopia East African Visa (includes Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya) Uganda Rwanda Kenya Georgia How much does is your fee? Our fee is 15USD to […]

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How do you travel so much? PART I
travel tips

Many people would like to know how a 24 year old nigerian girl in Madrid (Spain) can work and still travel this much. My first trip out of Spain was when i was about 16 years old. My first country was Austria, and the second was Slovakia. 8 years later, i have visited over 50 […]

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Can nigerians apply for a tourist visa to go to Tanzania?
tanzania nigeria

Have you ever thought about visiting beautiful places like Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam as a nigerian? Then you must be wondering if nigerians need to apply for a tourist visa to go to Tanzania. Unfortunately, they cannot. Nigerians cannot apply for a tourist visa at the tanzanian embassy. Nigerian citizens belong to the list […]

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Can gambians travel to Georgia without a georgian visa?

For many africans, travelling to Georgia means asking for a georgian visa. But let’s be specific: do gambians need a visa? Well, let’s start by telling you a bit about Georgia. Georgia is a country of Western Asia or Eastern Europe that shares a border with Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. They speak georgian and […]

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Airlines to travel with
download 1 750x500 - Airlines to travel with

Sometimes, people wonder what airline would be better for their trip, and that is why i am here to explain through my experience, what airlines to travel with. I just flew from Spain to Sierra Leone using Brussels Airlines and i have something to say: HELL YEAH. They are good. Maybe my standards are waaaay […]

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Things you learn when you travel solo
IMG 20180813 WA0104 750x500 - Things you learn when you travel solo

During my stay in Salone, i remembered how beautiful travelling solo was. I have travelled alone most of my trips and i think it is one of the best decisions i ever made. The experiences i had were positive and negative but i have to say that most of them are positive. Even though sometimes […]

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Online Travel Agencies to avoid
download.jpeg 11 - Online Travel Agencies to avoid

I think this topic does not get as much attention as it should. That’s why i am here to warn everyone before you suffer the consequences. This is a post about what online travel agencies you should avoid using. So what OTA’s should people avoid? Basically, most of them. One thing i would like to […]

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Fly for Life Fundraising
f4l logo - Fly for Life Fundraising

If you would like to donate to any of Fly for Life’s programs, you can do it clicking down below. The donations will go straight to the community and program you choose. If you would like to send us some special message, we are open to any request. We thank all of you for donating, […]

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