cheap tanzanian tour

Tanzania is one of the most visited countries in Africa and many visitors love to experience the country through a tour. This time, we offer the cheapest Tanzanian tour you can experience. Tour includes; Arusha national park tour Kikuletwa hot spring tour Lake chala tour Marangu village tour Our itinerary Day 1: Arusha National Park […]

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How do i do it? PART II
travel tips

I have been to over 50 countries so far and  a question i get a lot is: HOW DO YOU DO IT? HOW DO YOU TRAVEL SO MUCH? Well, let me tell you a couple more of my secrets. There are lots and lots of tips online and it depends on what type of person […]

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African Travel Tip #2: English is not enough
1 0R9zMaXxxXbdUjEsnFglTw 600x500 - African Travel Tip #2: English is not enough

While most airports have an english translation everywhere, once you leave the airport it is a different story. It is sad to say this but: English is not enough. If you travel Africa, you must know that even though some countries speak english, many of them do not. Unless you only travel to english speaking […]

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10 tips for new travellers
african american traveler 750x500 - 10 tips for new travellers

I have travelled a lot and i still do not consider myself an experienced traveller. I always find out about something new that i believe i should share with people. In this post, i will tell you my 10 tips for new travellers that i wish i knew when i started travelling. I noticed some […]

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44 countries for nigerians
nigerian passport 750x466 - 44 countries for nigerians

If you asked the average nigerian how many visa free countries they can go to, they would probably not be sure about it. Well, we’re here to give you good news. Nigerian citizens can visit up to 44 COUNTRIES without a visa or with little paperwork involved. You now have one less thing to think […]

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