I’ve heard a couple times cases of people wanting to travel with someone else’s passport. Even though it is not frequent, i do believe it is a serious issue that requires a serious explanation. Can someone travel with someone else’s passport or ID? No, they can’t. Let me explain.

fakeid - Can i travel with someone else's passport or ID?
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It is strictly prohibited to travel with someone else’s passport or ID, or a fake one. It may seem harmless but it is not, because it is illegal. You are basically trying to enter or leave a certain country without anyone knowing it is you that is leaving. You’re trying to deceive the authorities and it is likely you will not succeed.

Can they catch me?

Nowadays, there are many different systems to prove someone’s identity, especially if you plan leaving the country with a flight. I would say it is almost impossible for you to get away with it. You may think you can bribe someone to let you go but once you get to the next country, will you still have the same chance to bribe anyone? I highly doubt it.

What happens if i do it anyway?

The idea of travelling with a fake passport is never a good idea. You will get in trouble and you will get the other person (who lent you their passport or gave you the passport) in trouble too. This is a lose-lose situation. Even if you succeeded, which is unlikely, how much further could you get? Do you have plans of using your passport after? Because that is not possible. When does the owner get their passport back? How will you give it to them? What if things didn’t turn out the way you planned? So many questions and no answers. The best is to just forget it and use your own passport?

What if i can’t get a visa to this country?

Then, you forget about that country and go somewhere else. The solution to difficult visas is not illegal immigration. Going somewhere illegaly is something i always warn people about. It is never a good idea. It will be a stain in your passport forever. Especially if you travel illegaly to places like the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

What could be the consequences of travelling with a fake passport?

Well, it depends on the country and the nature of the crime. It could go from a fine to 25 years of prison.

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