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Sometimes, people wonder what airline would be better for their trip, and that is why i am here to explain through my experience, what airlines to travel with.

I just flew from Spain to Sierra Leone using Brussels Airlines and i have something to say: HELL YEAH.

They are good. Maybe my standards are waaaay too low but i loved it. As long as i get to my destination alive and with my luggage, i give them 5 stars. And if they give me food, i will keep them in my heart forever (except Royal Air Maroc, they are Judas airlines).


I think many times, when i read bad reviews about an airline, people expect too much from them. Maybe i am just settling but i think just getting there more or less on time and with your luggage means they did a great job. Anything else, is a bonus. I never expect airlines to give me food (unless it is a long flight), so when they do, i feel like The Chosen One. I feel special.

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I don’t expect the flight attendants to be smiling either, as long as they are polite, they are good to go.

I also don’t expect them to leave/arrive EXACTLY on time. 30mins delay for a flight is still on time for me. Because i don’t think it is a big deal, i know how complex the whole thing is so i don’t expect them to be perfect.

I think we should expect less, especially economy flyers. Just accept your fares just guarantees a seat (most of the time) in a certain flight and that’s about it. You may get a cabin bag also or one/two checked bags if it is an intercontinental/international flight but be grateful for that. Whatever your fare says, is whatever you get. Don’t expect more or you will be disappointed.

  • Nice employees who smile and are polite. The employees also take care of every passenger.
  • They are on time.
  • They do what they promise to do.
  • They compensate for delays/changes/cancellations.
  • They have a clean aircraft.
  • They usually don’t cancel flights.
  • They provide all the new information as soon as possible.
  • They have a number to call (for free)
  • They provide alternatives, if needed.
  • They respond to messages.
  • They respond quickly.
  • Their food is nice.
  • They have entertainment.
  • They give free food.
  • They provide blankets and/or pillows.
  • The temperature is nice inside the aircraft.
  • They give passengers info about the trip (like turbulences, how long the trip will be, etc.)
  • They speak languages the passengers can understand (english, local and/or the origin/destination language).
  • They provide bassinets if asked for it.
  • They land softly, trying to avoid passengers having a heart attack.
  • No food.
  • Bad food.
  • Rude employees who don’t care about passengers.
  • Pilot gives no info about flight.
  • No compensation/refund no matter what.
  • Always late or delayed without explanation.
  • Cancels flights frequently.

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  • Changes flight schedules without compensation when it should. (looking at you Ryanair).
  • They want you to have a heart attack while landing.
  • They speak one language or two languages (bad english and the other one is not the one of the origin/destination).
  • Doesn’t provide blankets or pillows when it is needed.
  • Doesn’t provide bassinets when asked for.
  • Too cold or too hot aircraft.
  • They have a premium rate number.
  • They do not answer emails or take so long you already forgot about the issue.
  • They answer, but the answer is useless as if they did not read your email.
  • They answer in a different language you do not understand.
  • They only have food if you buy it.
  • They have no entertainment.
  • They provide no alternatives.

This is something i hear a lot and i also believe in. If you look for the cheapest fare, you will probably not have many benefits or be treated as VIP. Know that.

If you want the cheapest fare, prepare for the lowest service.

If you pay business/first class, you will finally see that somebody cares about your comfort.


Airlines (i used and) i recommend:

  • Brussels Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines (good sometimes)
  • Air Europa
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Algerie (good sometimes)
  • Pegasus

Airlines i do not recommend:

  • Royal Air Maroc (Judas)
  • Ryanair (Judas’ little brother)
  • Iberia
  • Wizz Air
  • Air Algerie (bad sometimes)
  • Turkish Airlines (bad sometimes)

If you have any doubts, ask us.

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